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1 litre of last friends yukan coffee girl :: chapter 4!!!

Hello, it's LingMing I would like to apologize for delay!! We are very busy we try to make chapter as soon as possible please do not give up on us!! Delay due to school and also MingLing get in car accident!! It kill our older brother and wife, neice (who no longer talk) and MingLing are out of hospital and doing ok!! Plz pray for us in time of need!

chapter 4: Confessions

"my heart will go on"

aie osukka was going threw her older sister ayume's room when she notice... ayume wasnt taken her medication. aie gasped oh no this can have a very bad outcome and that is when aie found ayumes diary. page ater page was written with hate letters to dsbk and txvq. every page she turned was more mean notes and death threats. "i must stop my old sister,ayume, before she kill someone!"


after leaveng mcdonalds kumi and her new famliey went to the park. they blew bubbles and sang song about cheerfulness sunshine, happy days, and my heart will go on. beyansay did a drug deal while kumey pushed heechule on the swings. everything was going great and dandey until hechule said "i have to tell u guys something." everyone stopped and lookd at hechule even the children on the playground. he cleared his throte and put down his hello kitty lip liner.

"kumey. beyancey. children...... i'am a gay"
"no say it isnt so"
"it isnt so" said beyansee (just joking)
kumi started to cry "heechul i really licked you, alot" "im sorry kumey..... please dont be angery"

it was to late though kumi was running away crying


As they are drag Kim Jongh Jil away, Nammi emurge with her monkey sidekick, Eunhyek!! "Stop, you are arrest wrong person!!" she yell. The polce ppl stop. "You are to arrest.. them..." she point at DSBK. they gaps! "do not lie, we have done nothing!!" jungjoong shout. "You have killed my brother!!" Eyunhuk yell back. Nammee grin. "You have killed Super Junear!! Arrest them!!!" the police ppl run for DSBK, who begin screaming. "They did not kill Super Junar!! NO!!!!" Junsue cry, running after DBKS as the police drag them off. He go down to his knees and begin cry. As he is crying, King Jon crawling up behind him with knife..


As Kumi run from Hechule and Beyansoey, Shindang spot her from KFC. 'She is alone..' he think and grin. Stepanie Park, the cashier, shout at Shangdon. "You are going to pay for that chicken, right?" he ignore her and walk outside to follow Kumi, with his bucket of chicken. Kumi stop. "Is... some... there..?" she ask. Shindong walk up to her and she gasp. "I have finally have you alone, Kumi..." Kumi scream, she start to run but she break her heel. "Please do not hurt me, Shindong.. I in very sensitive state.. Hechule told me he his gay!" Shandong begin to shake with anger. "Hechul.. he steal the love of my life!!" "Steak?" Kumi aks. "No. Shiwon!!" Kumi begin crying harder and Shindong raise a knive over her hade, staring down at her with a grin!!!...


nammy police officer locked dbsk into theyre jail cell and went upstairs to do police things. yuhno sighed and held jangjae in his hands "im sorry baby for this" "it is ok yuhno we had to save are brothers mikey and junsue!" said jangjaejong. chingman was busy at work trying to pick lock on the cell door, until he dropped the paperclip. "na nun boji jo ah han dah!" he screamed and put his head down. in. frustration. suddenly there was a clicking sound.

it was ayume! loading her gun! "hello boys do you remember me" "no" said chingman. "maybe u will remmeber when i shot you in the head!" ayume the witch cackled. suddenly there was a bright light. it was chingman's deceesed mother, brittany! "get away from them!" but ayume fired the gun and it hit brittanys stomach and bounce off. ayume became angery!

"i must get my revenge this is not the end of me" she said before running away from ghost brittany. "mom T___T you saved me and my friend. i miss u mom" but brittany faded away

"who was that chic with the gun" axed jaejoang.


please also! to check out are affiliyate fandomcandies they make very nice icons of this fiction, also of heechul and others!
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