LingMing & MingLing (darknesseyesinc) wrote in bestfanfiction,
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special anowcement

i am very sadded to say that certain users (onikoinu, bokyung) have been harrrasing us because we. love. to. right. for. you. are fans. i am very angerey that they can spam me and my sister (lingming) because they are jealous it is unfair. i am unshure of if we will continue bestfanfiction because of hater, onikoinu and her troll friends who attack us. what do u suggest we do?? we will save our righting our selfs. we do not mined critic because of u all gave us kind heart replies but onikoinu and her friend told us: go back to taiwan, learn english; u our ugly, no righting talent, and, so on. i am very upset lingming is crying i do not like this abuse. i am sorry
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