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1 litre of yukan girl :: chapter 5

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO kaoriluff I do not know who she is but she is on friendlist happy birthday to u!!!

Hello, it's LingMing I would like to apologize for delay!! Are grandfather trick us into believing we are not related to him so he get us to marry his sons and we are also busy with job as maids. We were deciding whether it is good idea to continue with story but do not worry we are continue! It take a while but plz rememeber we will always get next chapter to you unless we said otherwise! Thank you for supporting us for long! I also have gotten new computer and space bar do not like me plz excuse my type for nowuntil I get used to thank you

Also please note this chapter rated R MingLing was feel frisky when she write her part. We do not care of your age but we must warn in case you are against sexual thing!

chapter 5: The Power of lvoe

"i loved u.."

As King Jong is crawling with knife, Junsue do not notice. He keep crying. 'Why this is happening to me.. why he kill all my friends!!' Joonsu thing. Just then!!! Kim Jong stab him in leg. Junesu begin scream! "Stay away from my son, he do not want you!!" Kin yell. Junsu begin crying, he do not know what to do! But then, Mickey come out from bathroom with gun."If you do not leg him go I will shgoot you!" he yell.Kim Jong look shocked. "Yu would not shoot your father.." he mumble, standing up. Micky keep pointing gun at him. But then, Nammee come back. "Do not make thismistake, Mikey." "It will not bemistake.." "Joosue kill ur friend, Supe Junor. Your father trying to save you, Micky." Junsu try to speak up but he cannot talk from pain. "No.. Kim Jong kill them!" "No!!Junsu admit he did it while you in bathroom.. he tell us he the one who blow up Juner and he also has got people to kidnap Dbsk." "Why you say nothing Junsue? Is this true?!" Micky ask. Junsu slowly nod, a tear fall down his face.Mickey drop his gun and start to tear. "Why!!! I thought you love me!!" Junsu do not reply, he just close his eyes. Kim Jong grab Micky. "I am sorry you have to go through this, but I will introduce you to woman tomorrow." Micky slowly nod and help King Jong into his wheelchair and they walk away. Before Nammy leave, Eunhuk run over to Junsu and kick him. "I am sorry, Micey.. I cannot deal with this anymore." Junsu mumble as he lay on floor and cry..


Kumi begin panic when she realize Shangdon's knife! She don't know what to do, she just scream. But then she see he is holding chicken. She kick the chicken out of his hand. He instantly stop and go after the chicken, Kumi run into KFC. She run to man (ryu nishkodo) at counter. "Where Stephanie?" "She is at Sailor Moon convention." "O.. can you help me" "I am sorry I'm wroking" "It's ok" Kumi run back out past Shungdon and into an alleyway. Shindung chase after her after he get his chicken. "I will kill you and Hechel, Kumi!" he yell. "Please do not hurt me justkill Heechl!!" she scream and run faster. But suddenly, Shindeng risk his bucket of chicken, and he throw it at Kumi. She trip on the chicken and fall unconseuas..


"we need a good plan!" shout chingmon to yuhno and jaejng who are currently busy having annal intercourse in the jail cell. chingman sighs. "mom thank you for saving us.. where ever u are." "your welcome" said a voice. "mom?!" "no its me boa the janitor"

"junsus mom! you have come to help us!" "no i am here to clean ^_^" boa laugh "just a joke! i have seen what happen at the gas station. i must tell you. 20 years ago, kim jangel rape me. he abuse me in relationship and i stay with him. however now, i am happy with my son junsu. this where i must tell you. king jangel might be... junsue.... s father."

chingman gasp and so do yuho and jaegong (but for other reason xD)


When Kumi wake up, she is in strange room with picture of suwin all over the place and Shungdon pasting his head on others. Shingdon sit in front of her, watching food network. "Where am I?" she mumble. Shandeng is drooling at TV and do not notice her. 'Maybe I can escape..' she think. She try to crawl away but she realize.. she is chained! She try to rip herself away but Shindonge catch her bcause advertisement is on. "I see you are awake.." he say, turning to her. "Have you raped me?!" Kumi yell. "No I am gay" Kumi think of Hechule telling her he is gay and she begin to cry. Shengdang leave roomfora momentand Kumi try to escape again. But he come back with knife. "I will kill you.. once and for all!!" he yell. "It is no use.." Kumi mumble,staring at him. "Siwon.. he is dead.." Shindeng stop. "What you mean he is dead?" "I have seen explosion when I was at KFC." Kumi reply. Shangdon shack his head and raise the knife above Kumi's head. she gulp. Just then Siwun walk into room. Shindong stare at him. "Why are you here..." he mumble. "I thought you die.." "I did not go to gas station with others." "O..." Shindong put the knife down. "Why she is chained up? What you are doing?!" Shwoon yell. Shendon open his mouth to explain but Shuwin kick him in gut and grab Kumi. "I am sorry he is crazy." he say as he escort her outside. "It is ok.."


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