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1 litre of last friends yukan coffee girl :: chapter 6!!!

Hello! It isme! LingMing! I am finally out of jail since tomorrow, they have let me out for holiday! I am very happy I am with my sister. We are very sorry for delay, but we back as Christmas present to U all! Please forgive us and do not ever forget Best Fan Friction! We are very happy with those who have stuck by us thru all bad things.. you all are reason we able to continue. Merry Chrimas to ALL of u I hope u get what you want! Enjoy thank you!!!

chapter 6: brotheraly love

"i must warn mikey!"

bao the janitor pulled out keys from her janitor toolbelt. she unkeyed the lock on the gel sale of dbsk and let the boys out. yuhno and jaeung were 2 busy having analcourse to notice but chingman talkw ith bao.

"junseus mom (bao) did you realy get rapped? i cant believed jongel would do that he is The richest man in japan." bao put down her botle of mister clean and whiped a tear from her eye. "yes it is true i was only 10 at the time but i became pregnant when i wa s taken advantage of. i am not sure if junsu dad is kim jongel or lee su man."

chingman remember seeing junsue with kim jangle's son mikey and it all hit him at once time. :oh my god" "what is it chingman?" 'junsue is being inceast with his own cousin!"

yuhno and jaeung still haved sex.


In limo on way to resturent to meet new beautiful woman, Kin Jung and Mikey sit quitly. "You look very nice today Micki... she will love u!" King say. Miky sit in sirence. "Don't ignore me.. I am doing what is best.. that man kill your friend I do not allow you with that kind of people." "I don't believe he kill them..." Mickie say, stare out window. Just thenm, King Jun slap him with his cane! "U know he DID it Midkey! Stop deny just because u r homosexual......" Mickey start to tear. "Don't u cry you little fruit... I no ur friend, Yuhno and Jajoung bad influence, but that mean nothing! You should be strong, and u resist, like me."

Mikeie turn to his futher. "Like you...?" "Yes.. Mixekey... when I was young man.. I fall in love with homosexual... his name Jin Young.. he rich famous attention whore now.. we do not speak of past." Mikuy stare at him. "You.... were with........ JYP.....?" Kim Jeng nod, tear in his eye. "You still love him." Mikoy say. Kim Jon shake his head. "It do not matter. I am with Ami now and we hr happy... u will be too." As they arrive some man open door. "I do not want to be like u dad.. I want 2 be happy with my life." Micky say. King Jon spit on him and pull him out of car by his hair into resutrant. "I told u I do not want to do this." mikey start crying. "Grow up.... she is stunning model you will love her. Even if she do have coochie..."


Outside, Kumi Siwun walk quitely. "I will take you home. Where you live?" Shwin ask her. Kumi eyes begin to tear. "I do not have home.." she reply. "It burn down when my mother die..... I have been living in ditch in the park." she ssniffle."You haven't any friends will help u?" "No.. I have not told my friend.... I am so ashame of being poor. I stole money from my mom before the house burn down but it is almost gone I will must prositution soon...." Shown put his hand on Kumi shoulder. "U can live with me." he say. "Oh thank u Kibum.. thank you!!" she hug him.

Just then, Shidog come outside! He run at Kumi, rip her from Leetuk's arm and pin her to ground! "Y are you touching him! He belong to me.." "I hate you Shidung leave her alone!" Shiwn shout. Shandong start to cry. "I kill Leah.. I kill u too Kumi.." Shuwon glare at him. "You kill Leah?! She.. was... my fiansey...." he look down on floor and pick up knife. He throw Shunding off Kumi, and stab him in stomack! "What you are doing?!" Kumi scream, grabbing Showan hand, but she get blood on her hand when he pull away. "The police r going, Kbium! they will blame us and we will be in jail!" Kumi start bowling.

Shwin grab her and start to run. "I will protect us, ok?" he say as dey run.


beyansee and hechule went out int he streets to shout "kumay! where are u girl !" said hechule. they walked the streets of londan with no luck. "hechule it is not youre fault, kume just realy liked you a lot and you had to go brake her heart and confess what fruitcake yOU are and ruin our lifes. it is not youre fault at all" beyance and hechule hug "your a true girl friend :)' he replied

acrosst the street a bunch of poliece and ppl where gathered and also a news crew. they walked over and listen in on the news "a young lady name Lisa Dezon kill her self by jumping off tower. this just in i t might have been murder. this just in kim jangel is givine away son hand in marrage. this is important becuss he is richest man in japan. stay tune for more news"

(lisa funeral will be held in are next chapter)

"oh my gosh didnt lisa dezon go to are school?" sayed hechule. "no."


the girl who is set up by kim jangel for marrying mikey walk into the restaurnant very nervous. and. anctious also. she never sene mikey before but know all about his family money and she have a great desire to get out of prosutution job. the entire restuanrat become quiet when she walk in and. and. mikey look up.

everyone began vomit because she is so ugliest woman in korea.


katin dont like you guys very mutch right now

i hope u guys enjoy chapter. now that lingming my sister is out of jail i will be righting more often with her. 2009 will be great year for best fan ficition. i was read japanese site and our fan fiction is number 1 album in japan BEST FAN FICTION and nammey amureo is promote it.. thank u guys. i knew are fans. are. betetr than anythign. in this world. i have bought lingming a crhistamas present don't tell her! :) if is kuma kodi's TROT album.. but there scary clown on cover ; what did u buy ur famiilie and friend for chlistmars? xoxo
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