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1 litre of midnight sun yukan coffee prince girl :: chapter 7!!

Happy birthday to ceveri, I do not know who you are either but you here so have nice birthday!! (sorry for edit MingLing)

welcome and thank u for reading story by me! mingling (and also sister lingming) we would Like for To you become start calling us by new american names (hideing from police in china) MingLing and LingMing Jones. thank u. xiexie. we our happy to have you in are life. :) for new readers, plese go to chapter one and read from they're.

abit about are life, i have starting english lesson with a new tudder name Maria Rose Gonzalas i'am not sure if she have went to collage but she teachme well so far. ola me amego :) ling ming has also start work at high class resutaunt name MacDonald. if youur in the area plese visit to her. she is waitressing and also Cheffing. i hope u have great new year and aslo be with the one your loving. i wil spend new year with ling ming Jones. enjoy as we bring u. chapter. 7.

chapter 7: family is borned in light of trajedy

"we have no need for of prositution"

The entire restraunt stare at Stephenie as she walk to table micky sit at. Mickjy try to get up but Jong, who standing next to him, push him back down into chair. "Dad she ugly I need to leave.." "Mickie she beautiful.. you staying here or I get ur little man friend kill, ok?" Mickoe stay quite. Stepehni sit down across from Mickgy. "You very cute I am glad. Everyone stop and look when I enter I must look good." Mickey stare at her quitely and Jounh Il smile. "Ok I have somehwere I must go you have fun ok I will pick uuplater micky." Jung go to back of resturant where someone grab him!

"How you like food?" watiress, In Yun, ask. "It is good but Micky not eating.. r U sick?" Stepanrie say. "I do not blame him I wouldn't eat if your face in front of me either." In Yong say. "Where is Junsu I have not seen him for a while." In Yeng ask. Before ?Micky can reply Stephnei interupt him. "Junsess? U know him? He my ex." Nickey stare at her, tear fill his eye. "What you mean your ex?" "We were very in love.... we even engaged. But he tell me he cannot make me happy and he kill himself." "When this happen" "Two days ago" Miky jump out of his seat, tearing and he run outside, into street. A car hit him. "Sorry I came to get you but you run into car." In young say from behind wheel. Mickdy get in car. "Stephnie crazy. She a liar who obsessed with DBSK.. I will help U."


outside of calyforna state prison. the dsbk boys found a payfone and called jansue! "junsu imust tell u that youre lover mikey is also youre unkel!" said chingmag. suddenly. chingyman hang up and begin to cry a bit. jaejung crock his head sideways and say "wat wrong: "it was his voicemailing" said chingman

just than a women walk up and say "hey I'am whori i want to help u save Junsue he is my ugly step sister X-BF.' "go away we do not need for prostitute though we our gay" saed jaejung. " sayed whori"

a voice sounded out behing them all. "wat up my nickkels" they turned to see a black woman name "ayuana"(ARHTUR NOTE: it is evil ayumey in disguys Pleze remeber she want 2 kill both TXVQ and DSBK) "helo how can i help you?" said changman. "i can see the furture and i see bad things. in. youre. furture.' "what do you see in are future ayanua?" said yuhno.

"i see big beng outsail you"

everyone was Very afraid.


As Kumi and Shieon get into his house, they see Jonsue laying on couch, tearing. "Why you are here?" Shion ask. "Can I live here with U.. I have no one else.." Kumi file her nails. "We have to take next train out of here.." Swoin mumble. "I will come with you." "You supposed to be in jail. Why you annoy us, Junsu? You lonely and pathetic, no one like you, why you don't just die!"Kumi scream. Just then, cops start bang on door. "Oh no, they here.. Kumi!" Shionwn yell. Kumi run into basement. "Why they here, what you do?" Junsu ask, standing up. Shiwn punch him, he wipe blood on his hands onto Juonsue's. Then he run into basement and lock door. "That is him!" policeman say as they get inside to see Junsue crawl to basement door. "There was also girl. We need find her." they grab Jonsu leg, pulling him out room. "I wish Micku here....."

"What you do?" Kumi ask Shwion as he break a window in basement. "I punch him and put blood on his hand. They will think he did.. but they will also look for you." Kumi drop her head, tearing. "Don't cry.. you will be safe with me, ok?" "That is very sweet Ryowok thank you." At train station trhey wait pashently fortrain to come. Kumi ask, "are you gay?" "No" "Ok" she say and grab his hand.


hechule was about 2 houres late to lena dizan's funeral but he did not mis much. beyansay was to busy at the all u can eat kfc buffay to join him so he dress up realy nice. and. went. alone.

he look around and all he see is lena dizon's fan club (all 3 of they) and he wave. "hello little girl wat is yuor name" "hechule and im a boy" "oh" "lol" "lol"

a litle toddler was playing in the flours and hechule stopped to him.

"hello little boy" "our you my mommi" "..................yes" the litle boy hug him and they were a happy familey. hechule was sso happy to have a son in his live and to also be a mommi. "where daddi at mommi" "he is at the all u can eat buffay" "oh" "lol"


Kim Jonge Ik wake up in large house after he kidnapped.. JYP walk over. "Why you bring me here.. why you follow me.." Jon Il ask." "I do not want to forget U.." her reply. "I have wife and child now.. there no way to do this." "I had wife and child too, Jung Il..." JYP say, walking over to wall with picture of three people. "These my children.. my wife, Sunye, take them with her when we divorce.." he say, point to picture. "Why you divorce?" Kim Hong ask. "I tell her.. I gay. I gay and love someone." he say. "I thought you do the same for me.." Kim Jung sigh. "I already have homosexual son I do not need deal with you too." JYP start crying. "My wife tell me she going to kill me.. all because I do this for you..."

"You right, Jin Yung.. I going to kill you......"


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