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10 July 2009 @ 05:21 pm
Hello all it is LingMing Jones! Are story will be end soon, we want to no who U want in next one!


Aftr School
Wonder Girl
Other please say in comment!
09 July 2009 @ 10:26 pm
it is me Ming ling jones. its been quiet a while since we updated BESTFANFICTION but we have bean busy. if u well remeber, we last were cine moveing to america and haveing english lesons. will, ling ming jones got fire from MAcdDonald and Maria Rosa Gonzalez was departed back to her country. mexico. SO WE have more free times to make storys for you. are loyal fans.

is are fanbase with us? do you steal support BESTFANFICTION? we would like 2 start new story asswell as finish 1 litre of yukan coffee of romantic cherry girl . but without are fans. we nothing.

plz, plz, look deep in your KONOYARO (japnese for heart) to see us. we our there. for you.
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Happy birthday to ceveri, I do not know who you are either but you here so have nice birthday!! (sorry for edit MingLing)

welcome and thank u for reading story by me! mingling (and also sister lingming) we would Like for To you become start calling us by new american names (hideing from police in china) MingLing and LingMing Jones. thank u. xiexie. we our happy to have you in are life. :) for new readers, plese go to chapter one and read from they're.

abit about are life, i have starting english lesson with a new tudder name Maria Rose Gonzalas i'am not sure if she have went to collage but she teachme well so far. ola me amego :) ling ming has also start work at high class resutaunt name MacDonald. if youur in the area plese visit to her. she is waitressing and also Cheffing. i hope u have great new year and aslo be with the one your loving. i wil spend new year with ling ming Jones. enjoy as we bring u. chapter. 7.

chapter 7: family is borned in light of trajedy

"we have no need for of prositution"
.....a car hit him.......Collapse )
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Hello! It isme! LingMing! I am finally out of jail since tomorrow, they have let me out for holiday! I am very happy I am with my sister. We are very sorry for delay, but we back as Christmas present to U all! Please forgive us and do not ever forget Best Fan Friction! We are very happy with those who have stuck by us thru all bad things.. you all are reason we able to continue. Merry Chrimas to ALL of u I hope u get what you want! Enjoy thank you!!!

chapter 6: brotheraly love

"i must warn mikey!"
it not over til the fatman dieCollapse )

i hope u guys enjoy chapter. now that lingming my sister is out of jail i will be righting more often with her. 2009 will be great year for best fan ficition. i was read japanese site and our fan fiction is number 1 album in japan BEST FAN FICTION and nammey amureo is promote it.. thank u guys. i knew are fans. are. betetr than anythign. in this world. i have bought lingming a crhistamas present don't tell her! :) if is kuma kodi's TROT album.. but there scary clown on cover ; what did u buy ur famiilie and friend for chlistmars? xoxo
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22 September 2008 @ 09:10 pm
hi everyone it is one of ur favorite writeres mingling! lingming is good she is currently on trial for attemptan to posion jusnu from the band big bang. she wil be back shortley as we are movien to usa!

i want to say thankes so much for support. u. have all given for us. we plan to start writeing agaen soon! the story is not over! grate plans in store for u all, to u, our lovers, the insimnations, u. so dont fear

busy china girls!! not runnieng from police

wish your love and happyness,
mingling (also lingming in prison)
26 May 2008 @ 03:18 pm
hellow it is mingling here! how is everyone day. i have decided to turn on anonmus comments and ip logging is off!! feel free to say what u wish! it will make place much more happy, fun times, lots of happy, please speak your mind!

also i have come to decision that we will kill off character in story and i am leting our loyal fans decide. YOU! truly our in control of the story!

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Poll #1194116 who should dye
This poll is closed.

who should dye in are story

ayume hamasuki
bao the janitor
jajong and yuhno
king jong
valley ball boys
ostuka aie
other plaese say in comment

xie xie have great day!

thank u 2 everyone who have voted! i am close poll now, for, it is over and two have tie: singinhog shingdog and ayume! it will be surprise who die! thank u for participation and dont u ever stop support bestfanfriction!!
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20 May 2008 @ 10:33 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO kaoriluff I do not know who she is but she is on friendlist happy birthday to u!!!

Hello, it's LingMing I would like to apologize for delay!! Are grandfather trick us into believing we are not related to him so he get us to marry his sons and we are also busy with job as maids. We were deciding whether it is good idea to continue with story but do not worry we are continue! It take a while but plz rememeber we will always get next chapter to you unless we said otherwise! Thank you for supporting us for long! I also have gotten new computer and space bar do not like me plz excuse my type for nowuntil I get used to thank you

Also please note this chapter rated R MingLing was feel frisky when she write her part. We do not care of your age but we must warn in case you are against sexual thing!

chapter 5: The Power of lvoe

"i loved u.."
it is here..Collapse )

please also! to check out are affiliyate fandomcandies they make very nice icons of this fiction, also of heechul and others!

You have any request? New character? Event? Please leave comment, wewill never letfan down!
10 May 2008 @ 08:11 pm
i am very sadded to say that certain users (onikoinu, bokyung) have been harrrasing us because we. love. to. right. for. you. are fans. i am very angerey that they can spam me and my sister (lingming) because they are jealous it is unfair. i am unshure of if we will continue bestfanfiction because of hater, onikoinu and her troll friends who attack us. what do u suggest we do?? we will save our righting our selfs. we do not mined critic because of u all gave us kind heart replies but onikoinu and her friend told us: go back to taiwan, learn english; u our ugly, no righting talent, and, so on. i am very upset lingming is crying i do not like this abuse. i am sorry
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Hello, it's LingMing I would like to apologize for delay!! We are very busy we try to make chapter as soon as possible please do not give up on us!! Delay due to school and also MingLing get in car accident!! It kill our older brother and wife, neice (who no longer talk) and MingLing are out of hospital and doing ok!! Plz pray for us in time of need!

chapter 4: Confessions

"my heart will go on"
are you ready!!!!Collapse )

please also! to check out are affiliyate fandomcandies they make very nice icons of this fiction, also of heechul and others!
hello it isme (mingling) i'am sorry! my sister recently founded out she was pregnate and we had to take a short leaf of abstience but we are back now! it is ok sister is no longer pregnate : )

chapter 3: death murder dying and bulleying

here we goCollapse )




Thanky ou very much for making icon we appreciate all support!!!