LingMing & MingLing (darknesseyesinc) wrote in bestfanfiction,
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it is me Ming ling jones. its been quiet a while since we updated BESTFANFICTION but we have bean busy. if u well remeber, we last were cine moveing to america and haveing english lesons. will, ling ming jones got fire from MAcdDonald and Maria Rosa Gonzalez was departed back to her country. mexico. SO WE have more free times to make storys for you. are loyal fans.

is are fanbase with us? do you steal support BESTFANFICTION? we would like 2 start new story asswell as finish 1 litre of yukan coffee of romantic cherry girl . but without are fans. we nothing.

plz, plz, look deep in your KONOYARO (japnese for heart) to see us. we our there. for you.
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